Annie Thorisdottir Wins The 2012 CrossFit Games

Annie Thorisdottir

2012 CrossFit Champion

Annie Thorisdottir was virtually an unknown name in the world of sports and fitness until three years back. With her back to back wins at the Reebok CrossFit Games now, she is unquestionably the fittest woman on Earth.

CrossFit Games has been an annual sports and fitness extravaganza since 2007. It pulls in fitness as a mainstream sports and subjects the competitors to various strenuous and demanding tasks. From various types of benchmark exercises in an indoor arena to swim bike run races in the mountains, CrossFit Games has been regarded as the ultimate fitness challenge in the world. Furthermore, over the last five years, not only has the Games become an increasingly popular event but has also seen a surge in the intensity of the competition bringing in athletes from far and wide.

The 21 year old Annie Thorisdottir (22 now) stormed on to the scene with her phenomenal win in the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games. Her victory was even more astounding owing to the fact that as a teenager, she started off without a professional trainer. Hailing from a small town Reykjavik in Iceland, Annie sought professional guidance only leading up to the 2011 games and clinched the ‘fittest woman on Earth’ title by quite a margin.

The 2012 CrossFit Games were held in the US on and from Wednesday, 11th of July to Sunday, 15th of July 2012. The event that brings together both male and female athletes from all over the world and tests them in various categories was initially scheduled to be a three day competition. However, like it has always been with the CrossFit Games, just how the specific categories remain a mystery to competitors, there was an unscheduled and unannounced Sunday thrown up as the fourth and the final day of the competition. Annie Thorisdottir already had the lead in the first place by a fair quantum of points and on Sunday, she made to the ultimate podium finish with convenience.

Annie Thorisdottir is the first to achieve this feat of being repeat champions of the CrossFit Games along with Rich Froning who has also made it twice in a row (2011 and 2012) among the males. The second and third place has been bagged by Julie Foucher and Talayna Fortunato in the females’ event and Matt Chan and Kyle Kasperbauer in the males’ event.

Annie Thorisdottir Wins 2012 CrossFit Games Woman Competition

2012 Victory | The First Repeat Woman’s Champion

Annie Thorisdottir

Annie Thorisdottir in the 2012 CrossFit Games

Annie Thorisdottir

2012 CrossFit Games Favoirte

The Reebok CrossFit Games is an event that is held once every year and deems different individuals as the “Fittest People on the Earth.”  With the immense amount of dedication, strength, and determination that is shown every year during the CrossFit Games it is not unlikely that each individual deserves the title that they are given.  With Annie Thorisdottir competing in the 2012 CrossFit Games other athletes are needing to work drastically harder due to the fact that Annie has proven that she is indeed the fittest woman on Earth.

The CrossFit Games were originally created in 2007 and they have immensely evolved over the years as more fans tune into the venture with the ample amount of displays of strength.  With each new year there are more tests of fitness that are implemented in order to showcase the true talent of the athletes.  Considering that the bar is raised, the athletes are then needed to raise their competition level to heights that are relatively unknown to the general sports industry.  There are a variety of unique characteristics that are implemented into the CrossFit games such as details not being announced until the time of each event which essentially brings forth an allure of mystery.

Annie Thorisdottir is a competitor that was born and raised in Iceland and is only 21 years of age.  She has been vigorously trained for a numerous amount of years in order to become one of the world’s most recognized athletes.  With her immense amount of strength, she has blown a variety of different competitors out of the water, finally naming her as the fittest woman on Earth.  With her start she had began to train for the CrossFit Games independently and without a recognized trainer which helped her to become more accustomed to her body.  Once she had passed the qualifying certificate rounds, Annie Thorisdottir then began to work alongside a trainer to help refine her skills.  Essentially, she was able to teach herself the core values and techniques needed to become the fittest woman in the world.

There are a wide variety of different athletes that consistently put on a show for their fans but with Annie Thorisdottir she provides a show for her fans and works her hardest to complete each task that she has given.  As a 21 year old female she has undoubtably impressed and surpassed a variety of industry leaders.

Annie Thorisdottir the Fittest Woman in the World

Fittest Woman In The World

Annie Thorisdottir The Fittest Woman In World

There are a wide variety of different individuals that qualify for a variety of different sports but with the ample amount of strength and expertise showcased by Annie Thorisdottir, she has undoubtably become the most fit woman in the entire world.  With her rigorous training regime and the most immense amount of dedication out of a variety of different athletes, understanding how Annie Thorisdottir is the fittest woman in the world is a simple venture.

Unlike a wide variety of different athletes, Annie Thorisdottir has brought the world into her personal life with a 30 minute documentary that details all of the intense and fascinating training that she is expected to do throughout her career.  The documentary essentially follows her around on a day to day basis, showing the significance required to become such a well rounded athlete.  Considering that the vast majority of sports fans are constantly wondering what is involved with the life of a CrossFitter, Annie Thorisdottir provides answers to those questions within the short film.

There are a variety of different factors that should be taken into account when you are competing in the CrossFit Games.  Annie Thorisdottir undoubtably has a structured diet that incorporates all of the nutrients that she needs to perform to the best of her ability.  Also, she is expected to participate in a wide variety of different sporting competitions in order to sharpen her skills and to diversify her knowledge.  In comparison to the life of an average human being, as the fittest woman in the world, Annie Thorisdottir most definitely portrays the lifestyle of a true athlete.

Hailing from Kopavogur, Iceland, Thorisdottir is only 21 years of age and weighs 67 kg.  She is able to lift a variety of different weights but her best are known to be: back squat (105 kg), deadlift (160 kg), and the clean lift which comes in at 90 kg.  As a weight lifter who is able to lift almost three times her total body weight, she has undoubtably impressed fans across the world.

It is very rare that individuals are provided with the opportunity to cheer for an athlete that lets the public into their life.  With the informative 30 minute documentary fans of weight lifting are able to understand what is involved in the daily life of an athlete and how difficult the dieting, competitions, and training can become.

Iceland Annie Thorisdottir Hates Losing

Annie Thorisdottir

Annie Thorisdottir hates to lose.

Just like everyone who competes, we hate the thought of losing because it is not a good feeling to know that you lost when you did your best. Annie Thorisdottir is very competitive and determined individual who will give a hundred and ten percent into everything she does. With her goals set, and her devotion, she does admit that she doesn’t like to lose. However this does not make her a sore loser.

Annie Thorisdottir knows that it is better to lose when she knows that she did her best and that the other competing athletes who give just as much effort as she does, deserves to win. Though, just like everyone else, she does not like to lose. The feeling of losing is like a kick to the face, where you give it your best but in the end you did not get any recognition for it, and with that it feels like you did not do your best.

Some people, including Annie, have a very competitive side to them where the feeling of them losing is just not an option. They will do whatever it takes to put them on top, and this does not mean that they are way into the game it’s more of proving to them that they can do it. The feeling of winning is like a huge accomplish for us, it really is an energy booster and great motivation to improve the next time you do it.

When we lose, it does sometimes lower our self-esteem to the point where we don’t want to continue on. Though, that’s not the case for Annie Thorisdottir because it is just an example for her to do better the next time. We learn from our failures, and that leads us to success. If Annie gave up after her first fail, she would not be the person she is today, a competing athlete who strives for no less than the best.

Not only does Annie hate losing, but she does get upset if she can’t break her personal best even in practices. She will not settle for second best, she is the kind of person who will push it to the limit just because she is one of those kinds of people who don’t give up easily.

What helps Annie avoid losing situations is that she practices hard, and makes sure that she perfects her techniques before going out there. She always plans out a strategy before she starts so that when she goes into the actual thing, there won’t be any errors.

With each year, Annie Thorisdottir learns new ways to improve her techniques, and for the 2010 crossfit competition she was able to have a coach who helped her during her workout and practices. Annie is not afraid to admit that sometimes she does need help so that she can do her best, because after all it really is about doing your best.

For Annie, winning means that she did her best for herself because she knew that she put in a hundred and ten percent into it. It’s what drives her to be better the next time she competes.

Who is Annie Thorisdottir?

Annie Thorisdottir

Annie Thorisdottir

Who is Annie Thorisdottir?

Among many competing athletes who strive for first place, it takes skills and determination to get your name out there and known. Annie Thorisdottir is an aspiring competitor who originated from a small town in Iceland who has done the inevitable. She competed in many sporting events and successfully came out on top of the many others who competed. She has eight years of gymnastic experience, two years of ballet, and an addition she has two years of pole vaulting.

With her success, Annie Thorisdottir was named world CrossFit champion in 2011. Annie is nicknamed “Iceland Annie” because she is from Iceland and she is the youngest competitor of CrossFit, only being 21 years old, she stands at 5ft 7in and weighs 67kg. Not only is Annie a CrossFit champion but she is also a student who takes her school work very seriously. She studies a major in chemistry and bio-chem, in hopes to go into the medical field.

Along with her tight schedules, Annie always has time for her family and friends, also she does teach a workout class. Though, Annie admits that she prefers to have a tight schedule than none at all, she is an active individual who likes to move around, rather than have a moment where she does nothing.

Annie Thorisdottir is named after her father, Thor Magnison, who is named after his father Magnus. This is a tradition in Iceland where a child’s last name is their father’s first name.

Annie’s personality is described to be down-to-earth, she always smiles when working out and lifting heavy weights. She is a very dedicated individual who is devoted to doing the best that she can, which named her the fittest woman in the world. Annie is always trying to look for new ways to improve her techniques and her ability to problem solve helped her win the Crossfit championships. She is not the kind of person who gives up easily after her first failures. She will use her mistakes to improve for next time.

Annie trains for about four hours a day, making a total of twenty-four hours in a week with a day off, during these times Annie focuses on lifting weights using techniques such as back squat, overheard squats, front squats, shoulder press, and deadlift. Her training mostly revolves around heavy lifting because there are specific ways to do them without injuring herself.

With these heavy workouts and training, Annie maintains a healthy diet, she also uses Progenex Recovery and PurePharma fish oil in her training.

Annie Thorisdottir’s overall stats during the three years she participated in the Crossfit games are:

2010 Crossfit Games – received second place

2011 Crossfit Games Regionals – received first place with a score of 7

2011 Crossfit Games Open – received first place with a score of 8

The reason why Annie Thorisdottir decided to participate in the CrossFit games was because she wanted to prove to herself that she could do something above and beyond, even with the knowledge that she could be risking a lot if she lost. Though with her risk taking and determination she is now named World’s fittest woman.

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Annie Thorisdottir

Annie Thorisdottir


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